Event Space Information and Policies




There is no flyering, postering, or show billing of any kind in or around any of the convention grounds, including the hotels. If caught, you may be asked to leave the convention and have your badge revoked without refund.



Security is provided by a professional security firm and may include off-duty law enforcement personnel, security guards and event staff. All security personnel serve to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. Please show them the respect they deserve. Failure to comply with the directives issued by uniformed security and staff may result in immediate expulsion without refund.



RetroCon reserves the right to clear each room after an event. Attendees will not be allowed to remain in the room for the next event. Items cannot be stored in event spaces. If found, items may be moved or discarded.



The RetroCon Office will serve as the center for lost and found items during the convention. Unclaimed property will be turned over to the convention center security office at the close of the convention. You can help protect your belongings by including identification tags with mobile phone numbers in wallets, purses, backpacks and other loose items. Labeling belongings helps us attempt to return recovered items to their rightful owners.




Part of this policy has been provided by GenCon under the creative commons license.